Managed Detection and Responce

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What is
an MDR?

A Managed Detection and Response, or MDR for short is a cybersecurity service that detects malicious activity, including malware and other intrusions,  operating in your network and assists in responding to and mitigating those threats.

Datahauler’s MDR Service operates on both the network and workstation (or server) layers to get a more complete threat picture and once an event is detected our SOC team quickly reacts to the threat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does this service work?

Datahauler places sensors on your network, workstations, servers or all three and gathers event data.  Event data is analyzed and correlated by our analytic system and if a threat is detected our SOC (security operation center) takes an action.

How do you connect to my network?

Your network probably supports Network “Tapping” thru a span port which allows Datahauler to scan all of your traffic for threats.  Datahauler enables a span port and connects a network sensor to scan for threats.  The sensor analyzes the network event and takes an action when a threat is detected. 

What is an analytics system?

The Datahauler MDR uses analytics to detect anomalous behavior.  When detected, we apply additional threat indicators to identify the threat and determine the best course of action.  

What do you install on my workstations and servers?

Datahauler installs a next generation security agent which performs system monitoring, remote support connectivity, system patching and antivirus protection.  

Isn't my firewall and firewall's IDS enough?

Your existing firewall and firewall’s IDS is a much needed layer of security but more layers of security is not the answer.  Firewall’s perform static security, that is they look for known “bad” and have to be tuned to react to new threats.  Datahauler’s MDR helps reduce the reaction time to new threats by notifying you of any changes that need to be made in response to new security threats.  

Wait, is this a SEIM?

One of the technologies used by the MDR is a SEIM.